Hello SCV Internet Marketers!

This is a brief announcement to let you know that we have an awesome night of killer information being shared this Tuesday night, August 4th, at 7pm at our meetup group inside the Barnes and Nobles in Valencia.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions below, you should definitely come to Tuesday’s meetup group:

  • How many visitors are coming to my site?
  • Where are my visitors coming from?
  • How many users are mobile users vs desktop users and how does each spend time on my site?
  • What are the most popular pages?
  • How are visitors finding my site?
  • How can I get more visitors to my site?
  • How can I filter/segment my visitors?
  • How many visitors go on to visit more pages?
  • How many visitors stay on my site for extended periods of time?
  • What pages do visitors leave my site from most?
  • How many visitors are watching the videos on my site or downloading stuff?
  • How many visitors are new and how many are returning visitors?
  • How many pages do visitors go to before purchasing or leaving?
  • Where do most of my visitors live?
  • What is the most common flow of pages that my visitors follow?
  • How many visitors do what I want them to do?
  • What time of day do I get most of my visitors?

Alvaro Berrios is an Analytics Specialist and will be sharing with us how to use this amazing free tool called Google Analytics to answer the questions above and MUCH more. Whether you are totally new to internet marketing or a super advanced marketer, I can guarantee you will get something useful out of Tuesday’s meeting.


Do you sell physical products on the internet?


For those of you who sell physical products on the internet, we have a short 10 minute “bonus” presentation by Rich Hall to start the night regarding what local fulfillment centers can do and how they can help sellers like us that need systems to automate our product flow (outside of using Amazon). He is working to get us a tour of a fulfillment center in Sylmar just a couple of minutes down the freeway and will let us know the times of the tour. If Rich is willing, I may have him talk more in depth about how fulfillment centers can help those of us that sell products that need packaging and shipping in the near future.

See you all Tuesday, August 4th!