Hello Everyone!

I just got back from Portland at the PPC Hero Conference. I’ve got so much cool information to share with everyone at our next meetup, I really think some of it will blow your mind!

Even though this conference is primarily ‘supposed’ to be focused on Pay-Per-Click advertising, there is so much more that was covered regarding ALL aspects of internet marketing and the internet industry as a whole. After all, PPC is the most powerful advertising tool on the planet today and they are all run by the internet giants. Speakers directly from Google, Bing, Twitter, and some of the other largest names in paid search were there. I will undoubtedly have to talk really fast next Tuesday night (May 5th) at our meetup group to cover all the topics I think you’ll find interesting.

Here’s just a small sample of the stuff I plan to cover:
1. What Google is doing today to track us everywhere. (They even know when you’ve visited a store after searching THAT store online…AND they know where you walked around in the store and if you found the product you were looking for!)
2. How to effectively become fearless in asking for things you want.
3. How Twitter’s advertising abilities are MUCH better than anyone of us imagined and how you can potentially take advantage of it.
4. Changes happening around mobile and some really crazy stats that marketers are seeing with it.
5. What problems “cool” sites cause for conversions.
6. Why I’ve spent almost an hour a day on 2 Social Media Platforms (Linkedin and Google+) for the last 2 weeks and how it will change my future for the better.
7. Evernote’s super cool camera feature you can use when going to conferences so you don’t have to take notes.
8. One small way website owners can potentially stop causing people subliminal pain (and they don’t even realize it).
9. Super cool tools in the Pay Per Click world today.
10. Why SEO still matters today, and how Google, Bing, and Yahoo will make it harder and harder to maintain organic ranking.
11. Why 97% of business websites are missing out on billions of dollars.

And that’s not all! Among other things, I’ve also become an Adwords Certified Google Partner last week and will talk a little about that as well.

Also, last month one of our long time regular attendees mentioned that she has a new book published on Amazon.com. Being that the content of the book was something I found interesting and felt as though it could be helpful knowledge, I purchased a download copy for my kindle. The book was called “Sample Fundraising Letters” and had a TON of great and useful information for any internet marketer as well. As the title states, it has sample fundraising letters that an be used as templates to follow. The cool thing about this book is that the content about the psychology of the letters is also very good for copywriting samples. After all, a website can easily be seen as a public letter asking for someone to take action. I highly recommend the book to anyone who needs to do fundraising and for anyone interested in learning more about how to write convincing content.

Here’s a link to the book’s landing page: https://www.fundraisingip.com/fundraising/our-new-e-book-of-sample-fundraising-letters/­

By the way, if you find the book as enjoyable and educational as I did, please leave her a review on Amazon.com. As we’ve mentioned before about how the Amazon system works, it will help her ranking and sales.

So, as you can tell I’ve had an incredible month since the last meetup. I am so excited to share all the cool stuff I’ve been exposed too that I GUARANTEE there will be at least a few things new (and hopefully useful) to everyone that comes.

See you at Barnes and Nobles Tuesday on May 5th at 7:00pm!


PS. Oh, one more thing! I almost forgot… If anyone is still interested in going to the Conversion Conference in Las Vegas at the RIO Hotel in May on the 13th and 14th, I still have room in my car if you want to ride out with my work colleague and I. The conference is $1097, but I have a $100 discount coupon if you sign up before May 11th. Click here →https://convcon.refr.cc/B2P72GC­ to get the $100 discount. A conference like this for under $1000 is a fantastic deal. The guy who is putting on this conference spoke in Portland. He’s absolutely amazing! I’ll share some of the incredible stuff he shared about how the human mind works at the meetup.