Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a fantastic August!

I’ve noticed that September is usually a time where a lot of internet businesses transition to either new and exciting things or get ramped up in productivity. This happens for so many reasons, but I am once again seeing it in my business this year as I plan for September.

The cool thing about this September 2015 is our meetup meeting is on THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH! Which is tomorrow.

I’ll take a few minutes to share the usual cool stuff I’ve seen/heard/learned in the internet marketing industry since the last meeting about the usual SEO, PPC, Conversion, and cool tools I’ve started using, then I’m going to have a good friend of mine, Anthony Franck, take the floor.

Anthony is going to share about a convention he just came back from that connects you with manufacturers from around the globe and the power of networking. I was planning to get together with him over a meal to pick his brain about what he learned when he came back from the event, but later figured it would be better for him to share with the whole group and let everyone ask questions live.

Have a GREAT week everyone and I hope to see you tomorrow night at 7pm at the usual location (Barnes and Nobles meeting room in Valencia).