2012 SCV Internet Marketers 30-Day Blog Challenge Page

Check back on 6/8 for more information. I will have more rules posted soon. For now, this is what was covered in the last meeting.

Blog Challenge Guidelines

  1. You must be signed up at http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Clarita-Internet-Marketers/ (it’s free, but notices will be sent out through the group site)
  2.  Blog must be shown at 6/19 meeting, doesn’t matter if it’s new or old – 1st post starts 6/20
  3.  Contest ends 7/16, last post must be up before midnight. prize awarded 7/17 – All qualified blogs will be voted on by selected members
  4.  Must have posted everyday with 351 words minimum by 11:59pm
  5.  Posting must have a picture & picture file should be named with something regarding the post or picture.(like SHRIMP.JPG and not img1002.JPG)
  6.  ALL content must be original and written by you
  7. Must email the full blog POST url (not just the home page url) along with ALL the text by 11:59pm

I hope that a lot of you will think about participating. The NOOK is a pretty cool prize for the winner to take home! Check it out here if you have a chance.


**6/10 note:

I put up a short video here.
scv blog challenge - intro
If you were at the meeting, it covers all the same stuff we went over already. More videos still to come. If you have ANY questions, please email me at challenge@scvinternetmarketers.com and I’ll get back to you.