Hi Everyone!

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ANY INFO ON THE CONTEST – PLEASE GO TO THE CONTEST PAGE HERE: http://www.scvinternetmarketers.com/scv-internet-marketers-30-day-blog-challenge-page

Thanks for coming to the meetup. A lot of information covered the BLOG contest that is launching on 6/19 and I hope that a lot of you will think about participating. The NOOK is a pretty cool prize for the winner to take home! Check it out here if you have a chance.

Google's new tool to create mobile revenue generating siteWe briefly talked about the new Google Mobile site creator. It’s a pretty cool tool to help design a mobile site if you also want to make a little revenue off the mobile platform with ads in it.You can check out this cool new “free” tool at www.howtogomo.com or click on the screenshot image below to get there. Everything is going mobile, you should start thinking of a plan on how you’ll do it if you’re on the web.

Need pictures for your website? Don’t steal, use stuff others have allowed you to use

If you need pictures for your website, try to take them yourself or purchase the rights to them. This is just my personal opinion. I am paranoid over getting sued for someone saying I am using their stuff, so I don’t take any chances, BUT…there are other options that others in the group recommended and use.

google image advance searchGoogle Advanced Image Search tool

Using the Google Advanced Image Search tool, you can filter the results to only show stuff that users have given you permission. (Personally, I still worry that you might find a picture a secondary person stole and changed the rights to make if creative commons) You can find the advance search tool here: http://www.google.com/advanced_image_search

The list line is a drop down that allows you to only find pictures others have given permission for you to use.

Another great site for pictures was mentioned called stockexchange which has royalty free images to download. BE SURE TO READ WHAT PERMISSIONS YOU HAVE BEFORE YOU USE THEM. Here’s a link to the site: http://www.sxc.hu/

Someone also mentioned www.123rf.com, and I like to use istockphoto and fotolia.com to purchase images for my sites.

There was a brief conversation about Google’s image recognition and how powerful it is in knowing how to match images to each other.

I spoke a little about the contest and was asked about content. If you need ideas for content, I always recommend doing stuff about things you are passionate about. BUT, if you still need ideas, you can use the link here for 22 ways to get ideas: http://www.copyblogger.com/create-content-infographic/

Also, some basic tips on web building and doing blog posts: ALWAYS try to size images to the size you want before upload, do not change it in wordpress or pages will load slower
google will lower your quality score according to their rater guidelines if your page loads slow.

A brief discussion on wordpress plugins showed some cool sidebar widgets:strx magic sidebar maker = anchorlinks plugin to jump around page

Someone else mention the following site to use to find your ranking and your competition: http://www.micrositemasters.com/