How To Participate In The “How To” Challenge

The 4 Simple Things You Need To Do To Participate In The “How To” Challenge

  1. Sign up for the challenge by going to
  1. Create “How To” Videos To Upload
  1. Upload 1 video per day and email the links from the YouTube Video share tab as you upload them to
  1. Be sure to upload 1 video everyday for 21 consecutive days STARTING ON THE SATURDAY THE 10TH OF MAY!


2 thoughts on “How To Participate In The “How To” Challenge

  1. Can you clarify… videos have to be both uploaded and published on the same day? We can’t pre-upload our videos?

    If so, that’s just a slight difference over the January 2013 challenge…


    • Thanks for asking about this Gordon. Just so everyone else knows, there is a BIG difference between pre-uploading and publishing videos.

      I am only strict on the fact that you must PUBLISH a video each day.

      I would prefer that everyone refrain from pre-uploading videos, but to be honest, I would not be able to tell if someone pre-uploaded all their videos in advance and set them to auto-publish daily. Due to the fact I won’t know if you pre-uploaded them, I am not telling anyone they can’t do it. You just need to make sure it is published publicly each day and EMAIL me the link each day/strong> or it won’t count.

      Hope this helps!

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