Looks like people are getting the hang of posting daily. Content seems to be flowing well, but most of all, posts are coming in earlier. Could this be because it’s the weekend, or is it because you guys are just getting better at it? Maybe a little of both? I am proud of all if you for getting this far. If you are experiencing the same feelings I am, then you should be noticing that your daily habits are changing or perhaps the way you are thinking about things might be different.

I’d love to hear some comments on how things have been for you so far (if you have time). Put your comments below.

Here are the results from day 4 (6/23) in the order they were submitted:

  1. Roni – http://mochimoments.com/part-iii-packing-for-your-theme-park-activity
  2. Colleen –http://www.loseit4ever.com/watermelon-cleanse
  3. Karen – http://simplyfoodfrenzy.blogspot.com/2012/06/food-in-las-vegas-rocks.html
  4. Chris – http://www.tipsbychris.com/how-to-get-work-done-faster-part-2-of-3/
  5. Sue – http://sue.scvinternetmarketers.com/2012/06/22/oh-the-memories/
  6. Mira – http://mira.scvinternetmarketers.com/2012/06/23/the-american-flag/
  7. Catherine – http://signlanguagebabies.com/uncategorized/the-american-manual-alphabet-for-sign-language/ and http://etchco.com/uncategorized/tips-for-better-health/
  8. Michael – http://whitewingcrow.com/2012/06/23/new-access-to-knowledge-delivery-for-everyone/
  9. Luanne –http://weightmeltdown.com/consistency-momentum-inconsistent-world
  10. Chaz – http://moneytrainexpress.com/blog/10-reasons-your-small-business-shouldnt-start-a-blog-start-a-blog/
  11. Christa –http://nohohealthandfitness.com/fast-healthy-food-the-key-to-a-healthy-family/

See you tomorrow!