Day 4 Results – GREAT consistency everyone!

Looks like people are getting the hang of posting daily. Content seems to be flowing well, but most of all, posts are coming in earlier. Could this be because it’s the weekend, or is it because you guys are just getting better at it? Maybe a little of both? I am proud of all if you for getting this far. If you are experiencing the same feelings I am, then you should be noticing that your daily habits are changing or perhaps the way you are thinking about things might be different.

I’d love to hear some comments on how things have been for you so far (if you have time). Put your comments below.

Here are the results from day 4 (6/23) in the order they were submitted:

  1. Roni –
  2. Colleen –
  3. Karen –
  4. Chris –
  5. Sue –
  6. Mira –
  7. Catherine – and
  8. Michael –
  9. Luanne –
  10. Chaz –
  11. Christa –

See you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Day 4 Results – GREAT consistency everyone!

  1. I am happy for the opportunity that this contest affords me to get serious about my blog; something that has been on my “list” for a while. I can say that coming up with 351 words per day has been a challenge. Arguably I have been writing more words than that, however I am committed to writing quality, original content about things that are important to me. Sometimes such a post can not be effectively addressed in 351 words alone. Even If I could edit down, which I plan to get better, sometimes I am exhausted and just happy to be able to post by the deadline. Goal: establish bosh for baseline throughout the challenge, refine as I go, and optimize after the challenge is over. Thanks Chris for your work on this, and thanks Joshua for inviting me in the first place.

    • Thanks for the comment Michael! This challenge is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Daily, I am scrambling to think of content to fill pages and make room in my schedule to sit and get it done. It’s been an awesome transformation for me to be putting content up and filling my blog with content. A little friendly competition is great! If not for the challenge, there would definitely be days that I would not have posted.

  2. Hi Chris!
    I think that as time goes on, it gets easier, but I do not think that it is easier on the weekend. I found that I was more distracted with family things and had to make sure I at least started my post in the morning because I might not have a chance to write the whole thing later in the day and then I would miss the deadline.

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