Important Dates Mentioned At The Last Meetup

I just wanted to send out a quick note to thank all of you for coming and for so many kind comments that have been posted to the Santa Clarita Internet Marketers meetup group board on

I truly hope that everyone was able to take home something new that can help to move you forward in your internet ventures.

Wilson Mattos said he had a great time sharing and I’d like to remind everyone that the Hilton Garden Inn meeting about the awesome Amazon opportunity he mentioned will be on Tuesday, April 22nd at 7pm.

Also, I know I mentioned a lot of other great meetup groups in Santa Clarita and their leaders who attended last night. Here are direct links to their groups in case you wanted to check them out.

Anthony Franck will be running the “Santa Clarita WordPress Meetup” March 3rd (Thursday night) at 7pm. It will be at Barnes and Nobles in the same room we were in for our meeting last night. Get all the details here: ­

Then on April 12th, he will be running a WordPress Lab class at the Newhall Library where the computers are provided! More information for that meeting can be found here: ­­

Chaz “the SEO superman” Key will be having his next meeting on Tuesday, April 8th . Sign up and check out the details to confirm the date, time, and location. ­­

Chaz also has a second group called “Internet How”. It’s a new group and all the information can be seen here: ­­

Later this week I will be sending more information about the contest and notes from the past meetup. If you are interested in joining us for the Earn1KaDay seminar, you can get all the details here at ­­

Check out the website in a few days for the notes and video commentary later this weekend.

As always, thank you all for such a great evening! It’s all of you who make it such a fantastic monthly event.
Best Regards,

February 4th Meetup Recap

Here are the recap notes from our last meeting on February 4th. Thank you Lauren for taking the notes for us!

We spoke a little about screencasting and using Youtube tutorial videos to make income

Screencast = Recording your computer screen. This is a great way to make tutorial videos.

Here are 2 tools that you can use:

  1. Jing – This tool is free and will do a great 5 minute recording for you. You can get it here:
  2. Camtasia – This is what the pros use. It’s really powerful and a little costly. I use it for more than screen recording as it is an easy to use movie editor as well and is great for youtube videos and more. Made by the same creators of Jing. You can get a free trial for 30-days then it costs $299. The free trial is a full version trial so if you want to make a screen recording, do the trial only when you are ready to record something so you can really know if you want it. Here is where you can get the program:

One of our long time members, Michael LaRue – Zejoop Founder (, spoke about his product launch and asked for testers to give him some feedback. You can see his product here at

Michael developed a smartphone app called Zejoop. A social app that allows people to see the status of the event without an administrator in real time status update.

Invitation to participate in Zejoop beta test. Michael would appreciate any feedback you have. Sign up for user voice and give feedback.

Contact:, 661-513-4316

Steven Watanabe – Built a keyword research tool that will show you what people are searching for on Amazon.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

This is something you can go home and do on you own with a google account (gmail account). By activating Google Ads on your videos, you can make money. Users should be able to employ AdWords once their first video is up. You can then use SEO to drive people to your video.

Ads can be turned off, controlled by user.

For more info go to

One YouTube video might not make much, but making more videos may lead you to a video that will be a “home run” It’s about finding the system that works and duplicating it.

Example: How to send a file by email video is one of Chris’s videos that is making money on YouTube off of Google Adwords

Four Internet Marketing components that can help you move faster than the rest:
Product or information
Marketing (e.g. videos)

Keyword Research on Google Adwords
Adwords is one of the top ways to drive traffic.

To do keyword research:

Go to: then go to the tools and analysis tab then select keyword planner and type in phrase (e.g. how to make a…) keyword share

After you do your keyword research you can make a video out of it. One thousand or more searches is a good indicator that it’s popular.

Be sure to make your video title what people are searching for. Also reuse the keywords and related keyterms in your description.

Ask for comments and for likes, this will help boost your rankings in YouTube and get you more views

Make the top of your website the title and the video embedded, you will get more ranking this way.

Here are some resources on what we spoke about:

Great Youtube Marketing Blog Post:

Productivity Tips – Better understand how to be productive:

Amazon and Youtube do not allow/like affiliate links coming from the description area below Youtube videos. You could lose both your Youtube account and your amazon affiliate account. Is this worth the risk? This guy has affiliate links all over the place and I am sure he is making money from them. The risk is there, whether it is worth it or not is up to you:

My Dropbox referral link =

How to get your dropbox referral link:


Meetup Recap for January 7th, 2014 – Happy New Year!

We had a full house in January!

Thank you all for coming out to the meetup. I didn’t really have an agenda that night, and really wanted to focus on getting people moving forward or get started. There are so many ways to do internet marketing, the goal was to find out what others were doing and how they were planning to accomplish their goals for 2014.

Thankfully, Lauren took notes and sent them to me the other day. Thank you Lauren for doing such an awesome job with the note taking!

Here are the different things we covered at the meetup.

WordPress Meetup – only 3 more meetings

WordPress meetup is still happening for three more months. They are on the first Thursday of every month. Sign up (free) at:

If you come early to the meetups you can come and ask us (my wife and I) questions before the meetup begins. I usually get there by 6:30 to setup and talk.

We talked about a few products and websites during some of the Q & A sessions. Here are some of the websites and products we mentioned:

  • Regarding business models. Look up the “Lean Canvas” for more information by Ash Maurya. Highly recommended by one of our members.
  • Ewisoft – platform me and my wife used when we first started, easier than Microsoft Word. Great starter platform. We still have some of our biggest income sites built on it. Not web based.
  • – Affiliate marketing management website. This is the kind of site affiliate marketers use to sell someone else’s product and earn affiliate commission.
  • – Novice to Advanced Internet Marketing System. Great place to start learning about all kinds of ways to make an income on the internet

We briefly discussed mobile app development and domain flipping. Also talked about a simple strategies on becoming a freelance website builder.

One of our Members (Mike) built a killer mobile app called Word Nexus ( – Mike is a great resource for building apps; does app development at a high level and is also a programmer himself.

Question for the group: What are your plans for getting started in internet marketing?

I’ve made a resolution not to spend any money on internet info products in 2014. All my spending will go to maintenance an for physical product that I plan to sell for profit. To all the “newbies” looking to build an online business, BEWARE that internet marketers are the best marketers in the world. They use what I call “hypnotic marketing” and have the ability to make you feel foolish if you do not purchase their products today. They can be truly irresistible.

Amazon Affiliate Selling Example

  • Brief example on making a sale by doing a simple review on Youtube. You can see the actual video below that has generated a affiliate sales over the years and continues to work for me.
  • In the description for the video, I created a redirect link that goes directly to the backpack sales page on using my affiliate account. Here’s the link I created:

Here’s the video

Selling Physical Product on Amazon

  • A new member in the group recommended Jim Cockrum’s program on selling stuff on Amazon. This was the first time I heard of him, but it could be worth learning more about. Of course, that won’t be till next year for me since I won’t be buying anything this year. 😉

Another recommendation on how to learn more about Internet Marketing

  • I recommended people follow Lynn Terry. She has a site that someone mentioned called – Low Carb Diet Tips for Busy People ( I personally follow her Internet marketing blog at She puts out great information that is very practical and helpful for everyone doing internet marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (aka S.E.O.) – Learning to optimize websites to get higher ranking in the search engines.

  • Someone asked about SEO: I mentioned that everyone should go to Chaz Key’s meetup group on SEO. Go to and search for SEO Santa Clarita (SEO so Easy) and sign up for the group. He starts at 6PM, next to LA Fitness on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.

Our next meetup is on February 4th, at 7pm. We’ll be in the Barnes and Nobles meeting room once again. Hope to see you there!

Meeting Recap, Notes and Links for September 3rd Meetup

Thank you for your patience, here are the recap notes and video for 9/3.

I marked the time in the video as to where each mention is made. Let me know what you think about this format.


  • Thank you Lauren for taking notes, and John Carter for your awesome presentation on domain flipping and introducing us to “honey”.
  • 1min35sec – Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 10/1 meetup! We have a special presentation on PODCASTING that you don’t want to miss! Podcasting is still growing at a rapid rate and many of you can utilize it’s power to really explode your business and you website’s presence. Gordon Firemark will be presenting at the next meetup on all you need to know to get a podcast going and why its so important to consider doing.
  • 3min55sec – Announcement on starting the WordPress Meetup that begins on 10/3. Please sign up at
  • 6min50sec – NO MEETINGS IN DECEMBER – Barnes and Nobles will be using the room for the holiday Season

Recommended Reading

  • 7min30sec – Crush It! – by Gary Vaynerchuk – my recommendation for all to read. It could change your life!

Main Content

  • 9min13sec – WordPress Themes question and comments. What do others use? I recommended sticking to paid themes, but I have since changed my mind and was emailed that I should recommend the free ones for beginners. Paid themes mention was optimizepress, studiopress, and woothemes. I personally have both optimizepress and studiopress licenses.
  • 12min18sec – Artisteer – How I make my custom templates – #1 WordPress Theme Generator. Instantly create great looking and professional WordPress Themes.
  • 14min – Someone corrects me and says I SHOULD recommend beginners to use free templates. Just know there can be issues with free templates, but paid ones can be problematic too.
  • 15min50sec – WordPress plugins questions. “Yoast” and “All in one SEO” mentioned and briefly compared.
  • 18min – Contest mention, still thinking about a January 1st contest.
  • 19min10sec – email marketing lists. 3rd party companies mentioned Aweber and Mail Chimp. Check out news posted by Lynn Terry here.
  • 22min26 – Talked about a new site my wife is launching in the food niche. Good luck to her! She is not using wordpress for her site, but chose to use an old program called Ewisoft.
  • 26min51sec – John Carter shares domain flipping success and a great tool called
  • 28min49sec – EasyPLR and how to use it
  • 30min50sec – copyscape mentioned and briefly covered. Helps to find out if you have duplicate content on the site.
  • 31min34seconds – was also briefly covered to hire people to write content for you.
  • 32min20sec – mentioned again. You need to see how he does what he does!
  • 33min35sec – mentioned
  • 34min50sec – Jason Lubas shares his site

Please share your comments below. See you next month on October 1st.

Meeting Recap from 8/6 Meetup

Santa Clarita Internet Marketers August 6th Meetup Recap Post

Sorry, this post ended up being WAYYY longer than I thought and had too many videos to leave it all on the front page of the main blog. Please click on the link here or at the end of this paragraph to see all the videos and the posts. There are 10+ videos that were made to segment out each of the subject matters we spoke about that night. Continue reading

Meeting Outline for July 2nd Meetup – Full detailed recap coming soon

The following list below is just a list of subjects I wanted to cover at the July 2nd meetup. I used it as a guide to remind me what I wanted to share with the group. As the night went on, I added a couple of items to it so I would remember to add it to the recap. 

The full review/notes from that night is coming soon, I am still making the notes and videos. Thank you for your patience!

Download bonus is up! Copywriting course e-book

WordPress Hacked – tips to stay safe – wpsecurepro

Earn1KaDay seminar NEXT Friday-Sunday July 12th-14th project – Importance of Keyword Research. Did I make a mistake?

Google’s Keyword Tool vs .Long Tail Pro

Yoast Plugin can help with SEO


Youtube tip – match title of blog post with video title on youtube. link to the post too. Transcribe video if possible. -Also, Fiverr guy creaticity for youtube channel graphics

Meeting Summary Notes for June 4th meetup

Thank you all for coming to the meetup. I hope you were able to learn a little something before leaving the meeting. I’ve added the “Learn Basic SEO” file to the bonus page as promised and it will be covered more in detail as I get closer to finishing the project.

Thank you Steve for taking notes for me at the meetup!

Internet Marketing by the “Big Boys” Like Coca-cola. Really cool stuff.

I started off the meeting talking about a webinar I watched that day put on by Google’s Double-Click people. They had a person from Coca-cola’s marketing team show what they do on the internet to advertise and reach their audience. This is something worth checking out, no matter what you do on the internet. Here’s a link to the video: Continue reading

Notes from May 7th Meeting

Thank you all for coming to the meetup on Tuesday! More meeting notes will be posted very soon.

I’d like to send a special “Thank you!” to 2199Web for being our new sponsor! Check out this Santa Clarita based Website Company at!

Got a Contest Idea? I am still looking for any good contest ideas for our “possible” August contest.

Anyone a podcast pro out there? I am looking for a podcasting pro for the next meeting. I do have a friend in mind that does a weekly podcasting show from home, but I’d like a backup in case she doesn’t feel comfortable doing a presentation.

Check back soon for more updates and notes.

Notes from April 2nd Meeting

Great meeting last night April 2nd. Lots of new and amazing people at the meetup. I am sorry if I didn’t get a chance to meet you all personally, but please say “hi” at our next meetup on May 7th.

Here are the notes from the 4-2 meeting

We had some new members join the group with very special skills and businesses:

Mike McCarty – Developer/programmer with Choice Information Services –

Ed Bernstein – Owner of 25score discount card. Check out their services at

Steve Romine – Infusionsoft certified consultant

What should you do if you have not emailed your list in a while?

Great advice was given for those of us (me) that have been building an email marketing list for a while and not been keeping in touch. Before starting to send out a new series of emails, be personable and re-engage your email list with a simple and personal note using the subject line:

I’m sorry I ignored you

This little personal note can help to minimize the amount of large exodus that typically happens when you contact your list after a long period of time (over a year).

—more to come—