Mind Blowing Stuff at our Next Meetup on 5/5!

Hello Everyone!

I just got back from Portland at the PPC Hero Conference. I’ve got so much cool information to share with everyone at our next meetup, I really think some of it will blow your mind!

Even though this conference is primarily ‘supposed’ to be focused on Pay-Per-Click advertising, there is so much more that was covered regarding ALL aspects of internet marketing and the internet industry as a whole. After all, PPC is the most powerful advertising tool on the planet today and they are all run by the internet giants. Speakers directly from Google, Bing, Twitter, and some of the other largest names in paid search were there. I will undoubtedly have to talk really fast next Tuesday night (May 5th) at our meetup group to cover all the topics I think you’ll find interesting.

Here’s just a small sample of the stuff I plan to cover:
1. What Google is doing today to track us everywhere. (They even know when you’ve visited a store after searching THAT store online…AND they know where you walked around in the store and if you found the product you were looking for!)
2. How to effectively become fearless in asking for things you want.
3. How Twitter’s advertising abilities are MUCH better than anyone of us imagined and how you can potentially take advantage of it.
4. Changes happening around mobile and some really crazy stats that marketers are seeing with it.
5. What problems “cool” sites cause for conversions.
6. Why I’ve spent almost an hour a day on 2 Social Media Platforms (Linkedin and Google+) for the last 2 weeks and how it will change my future for the better.
7. Evernote’s super cool camera feature you can use when going to conferences so you don’t have to take notes.
8. One small way website owners can potentially stop causing people subliminal pain (and they don’t even realize it).
9. Super cool tools in the Pay Per Click world today.
10. Why SEO still matters today, and how Google, Bing, and Yahoo will make it harder and harder to maintain organic ranking.
11. Why 97% of business websites are missing out on billions of dollars.

And that’s not all! Among other things, I’ve also become an Adwords Certified Google Partner last week and will talk a little about that as well.

Also, last month one of our long time regular attendees mentioned that she has a new book published on Amazon.com. Being that the content of the book was something I found interesting and felt as though it could be helpful knowledge, I purchased a download copy for my kindle. The book was called “Sample Fundraising Letters” and had a TON of great and useful information for any internet marketer as well. As the title states, it has sample fundraising letters that an be used as templates to follow. The cool thing about this book is that the content about the psychology of the letters is also very good for copywriting samples. After all, a website can easily be seen as a public letter asking for someone to take action. I highly recommend the book to anyone who needs to do fundraising and for anyone interested in learning more about how to write convincing content.

Here’s a link to the book’s landing page: http://www.fundraisingip.com/fundraising/our-new-e-book-of-sample-fundraising-letters/­

By the way, if you find the book as enjoyable and educational as I did, please leave her a review on Amazon.com. As we’ve mentioned before about how the Amazon system works, it will help her ranking and sales.

So, as you can tell I’ve had an incredible month since the last meetup. I am so excited to share all the cool stuff I’ve been exposed too that I GUARANTEE there will be at least a few things new (and hopefully useful) to everyone that comes.

See you at Barnes and Nobles Tuesday on May 5th at 7:00pm!


PS. Oh, one more thing! I almost forgot… If anyone is still interested in going to the Conversion Conference in Las Vegas at the RIO Hotel in May on the 13th and 14th, I still have room in my car if you want to ride out with my work colleague and I. The conference is $1097, but I have a $100 discount coupon if you sign up before May 11th. Click here →http://convcon.refr.cc/B2P72GC­ to get the $100 discount. A conference like this for under $1000 is a fantastic deal. The guy who is putting on this conference spoke in Portland. He’s absolutely amazing! I’ll share some of the incredible stuff he shared about how the human mind works at the meetup.

Special Deal for Anyone Who Wants To Join Me at The Conversion Conference

I hope all of you are having a great start to 2015!

For those of you that attended the last meetup, I mentioned that I would be attending the “Conversion Conference” in Las Vegas.

After booking for the event, I got an email sent to me saying any friends that might want to attend can get $100 off by using a special coupon code. I setup a link at http://www.scvinternetmarketers.com/conversionconference for anyone interested to get the $100 discount code. You get to go for less than what I paid!

If you are interested in learning how to make your websites convert to sales better, THIS is the conference you must attend. PLUS, if you register before the end of THIS MONTH, you get the early bird rate at $897. That’s $300 off the regular price. If you register after January 31st, you can still use the coupon, but the conference price will be going up as the dates get closer to the event.

The Conversion Conference is on May 13th and 14th at the Rio Hotel. I am driving out there by myself and can take 3 others with me if you need a ride out there. I will be leaving Santa Clarita on the 12th and coming back on the 15th.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at scvinternetmarketers@gmail.com. This is the first time I am attending this event and I know nothing will help my business more than understanding how to get visitors to my site to take action in either buying or submitting a lead form. It is my belief that understanding how to get visitors to convert to sales is one of the most important things anyone in business can learn.


Chris Miyamoto

PS. Our next meetup is on February 3rd at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

I Am VERY Excited For Our Next Meetup on October 7th

Happy Sunday Internet Marketers!

Our next Santa Clarita Internet Marketer’s meetup meeting is THIS TUESDAY at 7pm (October 7th) and I think it could be one of the best meetup’s ever.

Before Wednesday, I was thinking about quitting…

I know that this may come as a shock, but I’ve been contemplating hard lately about quitting the meetup group. It’s something I really LOVE doing and look forward to every month, but there were some things that I began losing sleep over that happened because of the meetup group. I began wondering if it was time to move on. I’ll go more into detail later in this email about what happened and how I got more excited than ever to make it better.

I’ve Got A REAL Presentation!

This Tuesday, I am actually preparing a short Powerpoint presentation and will be really encouraging open discussion/debate along the way!

I’ve decided to cover some ‘not so secret’ secrets and going deep into why most internet marketers fail and only a small handful of others succeed. Be prepared to nudged hard in the right direction if you are experiencing a lack of growth in your business.

No matter what type of business you do or how successful you are, I believe this next meetup will have everyone leaving with at least 1 Golden Nugget of helpful information.

If you sell on AMAZON, please come out!

If you’re building a business selling products on Amazon.com or are thinking about joining the next ASM launch (ASM is the Amazing Selling Machine program that teaches you how to sell stuff on Amazon.com), I think the open discussion I have planned could be extra valuable for you. Some of the main success principles I want to discuss are based on observations and examples that can be applied directly to business models that sell on Amazon.com.

By the way, if you DON’T sell products on Amazon.com the same principles introduced are extremely relevant for successfully building any business whether it’s on the internet (online), or a traditional business that is not on the internet (offline).

So…Why Was I Thinking About Quitting?

When I took over the group, I only had a little more than a years worth of internet marketing experience. I volunteered to run it and keep it going because there were a few individuals that said they would continue to attend if it kept going and I knew it was the only way to get a chance to speak to like minded people who spoke the same internet business language.

My #1 goal was to help get others ahead in their internet businesses any way I could in the time that we had and to get new people to have their lives changed the way my internet business has done for me.

BUT…I never thought about what I would do if any influence or advice I gave ever set someone back.

I promoted and encouraged a few people to try their hands at doing the Amazon business (ASM) and have seen some of my close friends struggle hard at it. It’s been very hard to watch people not have the success in the business that I promoted and encouraged them to pay a lot of money to get in on. I’ve been told by others that I have to let it go and just keep them moving, but to be honest, I feel responsible for their ‘hard times’ and responsible for their pain.

I’ll explain a lot more about it in detail at the meetup, but over the last few days, I’ve been ENLIGHTENED to another fact that I overlooked.

Some Of Our Member Have Had INCREDIBLE Success Lately!

There are a few people in our group who have had life changing success because of the promotion and introduction to the same program that I have been paining about. Success so large that their lives have completely turned over to allow them opportunities they never dreamed would have been possible so quickly. I definitely don’t take any credit for their success, but I do take some satisfaction in knowing that it is definitely possible they might still be struggling with their finances had I never asked them to see the program that allowed them the opportunity to make the income they see today.

This realization is what has motivating me to change my mindset and build the meetup to a level that I never bothered to try and do. We’ll be having the same great discussions, just better focus and structure. People have asked for it, but I thought it was too time consuming to make it happen, and that’s simply not fair for all of you who take the time to come out and help make this group so good. For that…I apologize.

I hope that I am able to fulfill this goal for everyone’s benefit and we’ll be starting this new structure on Tuesday to see how it goes!

I hope to see you all there!


Chris Miyamoto

Our Next Meetup is September 2nd!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day weekend!

The day after Labor Day is our Tuesday night monthly meetup meeting at Barnes and Nobles. As usual, we’ll start at 7pm and see what questions we can answer from the group members.

I am not 100% sure on what our main subject matter will be for the night, but I am leaning toward covering some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) fundamentals. I’ll take a vote before we being as to what more people would like to have me cover.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day!

See you at

Local Book Store
23630 Valencia Blvd
Valencia, CA
Phone: 661-254-6604

Next Meetup is August 5th! How To Get Started With Facebook Advertising

I just returned Monday from an amazing 4-day Las Vegas Event and will be sharing some of the cool things we learned that could help anyone who does business online. It was really great to spend time with others from SCV for a few days and have meals together. If you ever get a chance to attend an internet marketing “live” event, I highly recommend it.

Ever wanted to know about Facebook Advertising?

Most of you know I really don’t like using social media. I think it’s an amazing tool to keep in touch with friends, but (in my opinion), I find it to be an incredible time suck. Regardless of my personal feelings, I know it is a powerful tool for internet marketing and a necessity for today’s internet businesses marketing. Especially when it comes to doing online advertising. Over the years, I’ve heard time and time again that Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms on the web today and anyone doing business should be looking into it.

Why is Facebook advertising so powerful?

One thing that is constantly mentioned at Internet Marketing conferences is that Facebook advertising can really boost your business because you can show ads to very specific types of people. Since Facebook gathers all kinds of data about what you like, that data can be used to allow marketers to target you for ads that are in your interests. Unlike TV commercial advertising, the audience is selected specifically on what the advertiser thinks his audiences interests are.


If you’re like me, then you probably just had a small anxiety attack thinking that you’re going to have to learn a whole new program and spend weeks figuring it out. I had the same thoughts over and over each time I saw it (Facebook Advertising) mentioned somewhere and dreaded knowing that someday I’d have to ‘bite the bullet’ and learn it.

Thankfully, one of my closest friends is a FACEBOOK master. (Seriously, he is one of the best Facebook marketers on the planet). He will be coming to our next meetup at Barnes and Nobles on AUGUST 5TH to show us how to setup a Facebook ad LIVE on one of my physical products that I sell on Amazon.com.

What he shows us can be used for ANYTHING that anyone wants to promote on Facebook.

Thank goodness I am so lazy! 😉

Some smart guy once said, “If you want to find the most efficient way to do something, assign the task to the laziest person you can find and he will most likely figure out a way to do it with the least effort.” (I think he was pointing at me when he said this)

Being the laziest internet marketer I know, I don’t want to spend the time learning all the ‘ins-and outs’ on Facebook marketing so I decided to ask Anthony Franck (my Facebook expert friend) if he would make a Facebook Ad for me while I watched.

Being the nice guy he is, he said “Sure” without hesitation. I then thought, “Others in the meetup group would be interested in seeing it done while he did it for me” and asked him to do the ad creation at the meetup so all of you (lazy and non-lazy marketers) can learn along with me. Anthony agreed!

All that being said, Anthony “The Facebook Master” Franck will be at our meetup to make my Facebook ad for me for my and explain how and why he does what he does. We get a chance to listen to his thought process as he creates the ad right in front of us.


All of you who are currently selling or planning to sell products on Amazon.com should plan to attend this meeting. Sooner or later you will need to do some Facebook marketing and this could be the fastest way to get top knowledge about how to do it. Anthony Franck is the real deal and we get to see him in action putting up my ads.

Call the babysitter now to book them for August 5th @ 7pm so you can make it!

Our other guest speaker…

Those of you who were at our last meetup got to hear Mandi speak about what she does for medium business find an extra 20 hours a month and $20,000 dollars. She was scheduled to speak at this meetup but ended up with a scheduling conflict and won’t be able to make it to the group for a couple of months. I’ll keep you updated as I find out more.

Beta Tester Announcement

For anyone who took part in acquiring and testing Steven Watanabe’s Ammozon software, please send reviews and testimonials as soon as possible to info@dangercoders.com.  He is getting ready to do the final launch soon and could use all the feedback possible. If you were not able to get your hands on a copy of the beta program, please reach out to him at info@dangercoders.com before he finalizes the program for launch.

Community Service Announcement – Tech Industry Pros Wanted
The Newhall Library is looking for panelist in the tech industry that could help out our SCV Youth..

The Newhall Library’s Digital Services Librarian, Julie Oshiro (the “How to” YouTube contest Ipad mini winner), reached out to me to see if there was anyone in our group who might be interested in being a part of a panel discussion that could help the youth in SCV gain a better understanding about the tech industry. Here is what she wrote:
We are looking for individuals to participate and share their experiences in technology focused careers. I was wondering if you could please pass thing along to people who may be interested? Or mention it at your next meet up?

Unfortunately I didn’t realize she needed responses by 8/1 (which is before our next meetup). If you are interested in helping out, click here to get all the details on submitting your interest to participate asap. I submitted my information yesterday. If I am selected, I’ll be there as part of the panel.

On last thing….(really, I am coming to a close)

I just want to spend the last few words here to thank every single one of you who are so supportive of me and this meetup group. I’ve reaped HUGE rewards from doing this monthly meetup through getting to know some of the nicest people ever and the shared knowledge that has continued to grow my business.

Many of you have become people I call “friends” and I continue to make more and more as the group grows. I am so grateful for all the years we’ve been doing this together and I am especially appreciative to Wilson Mattos who founded the group. Thank you all so much!

Important Dates Mentioned At The Last Meetup

I just wanted to send out a quick note to thank all of you for coming and for so many kind comments that have been posted to the Santa Clarita Internet Marketers meetup group board on meetup.com.

I truly hope that everyone was able to take home something new that can help to move you forward in your internet ventures.

Wilson Mattos said he had a great time sharing and I’d like to remind everyone that the Hilton Garden Inn meeting about the awesome Amazon opportunity he mentioned will be on Tuesday, April 22nd at 7pm.

Also, I know I mentioned a lot of other great meetup groups in Santa Clarita and their leaders who attended last night. Here are direct links to their groups in case you wanted to check them out.

Anthony Franck will be running the “Santa Clarita WordPress Meetup” March 3rd (Thursday night) at 7pm. It will be at Barnes and Nobles in the same room we were in for our meeting last night. Get all the details here: ­http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Clarita-Wordpress-Meetup

Then on April 12th, he will be running a WordPress Lab class at the Newhall Library where the computers are provided! More information for that meeting can be found here: ­http://www.meetup.com/SEO-Santa-Clarita-WordPress-Website-Training-Lab­

Chaz “the SEO superman” Key will be having his next meeting on Tuesday, April 8th . Sign up and check out the details to confirm the date, time, and location. ­http://www.meetup.com/Search_Engine_Optimization­

Chaz also has a second group called “Internet How”. It’s a new group and all the information can be seen here: ­http://www.meetup.com/internet-how­

Later this week I will be sending more information about the contest and notes from the past meetup. If you are interested in joining us for the Earn1KaDay seminar, you can get all the details here at ­http://www.scvinternetmarketers.com/seminar­

Check out the scvinternetmarketers.com website in a few days for the notes and video commentary later this weekend.

As always, thank you all for such a great evening! It’s all of you who make it such a fantastic monthly event.
Best Regards,

2013 EARN1KaDay Seminar Special!!

If you are serious about finding out all the secrets to making money on the internet, there is no better place to be on July 12th-14th. The Earn1KaDay seminar changed the lives of many of the well known internet marketers today, including Wil Mattos, the founder of our Meetup group.

Watch this video below for an amazing message!

Click here to sign up if you’re ready to boost your business!

Earn1kaday seminar link

In fact, it was this seminar that lead him to be so successful, he had to step down from running our meetup group! He got too famous and too busy making a killing on the internet after going to the Earn1KaDay seminar.

You’ll get to meet, hang out, mastermind with, and even dine with some of the best internet marketers today. These guys are so amazing. Literally EVERYONE was so nice and willing to share. There’s even time set aside to just mingle and listen to how some of these guys do what they do.

Seriously, in just the first 10 minutes there I got 2 really great product ideas.

Click on the image below or on the sidebar to find out more information about the seminar. Wil Mattos and Jason Fladlien have testimonials on that page you should check out. I got a chance to hang out with Wil till 2am on the second night and hear him share so much great success tips.

Here’s how the deal works. Sign up before THIS Monday, 9am EST using the link on this page. In fact, I’d do it before Sunday if you are serious. By doing it early, you’ll save $150 on the 3 day package. Your total cost is only $247! I paid $397 last year and I thought that was a great deal! This is AMAZING!

If you miss the early bird special, you’ll have to pay the full $397 for 3 days or $297 for the 2 day package, BUT get in early and its only $247 for all 3 days!

Click here and sign up now!!! Don’t wait! You won’t regret it!

I’ll see you all Tuesday May 7th, at 7pm for our regular meetup!

Meetup this Tuesday & You need to check this out on Saturday, March 2nd

Good Morning!

First of all, we have our meetup scheduled for this Tuesday, March 5th. Per request, we will focus on creating and selling “information products”. This is possibly one of the easiest and best ways to make income on the internet.

If there is ANYONE who has ever sold an information product on the internet and is willing to share, please let me know so I can allot you some time to share with everyone what you sold and how you did it (about 10-15 minutes each). I’ve done a few myself that are still selling today and have just begun to create another “big” one that I hope to launch in a few months. I’ll share what we (my business partner and I) are currently doing.

In other news…
Tomorrow, Saturday – March 2nd from 9am to 3pm, RAPID CRUSH is having another super amazing auction webinar event. You can check out more information about the event here: www.scvinternetmarketers.com/auction
Early last year, I went to an internet marketing conference where people from all over the US flew in to attend. Numerous times, I kept hearing conversations about a special online event that was put on by Rapid Crush and how amazing it was. I felt like the room went silent when I asked what they were talking about and I may have been the only one at the conference who didn’t know about and attend the online auction event. (I actually felt like someone was about to offer me their condolences for missing out)

I’ve talked about this event at the meetups in the past, it’s another one of those killer auction webinars where you can get some of the best tools and internet marketing products at unbelievable prices.
If you plan to do any internet marketing, this event can teach you how the top marketers are gaining success and what tools they use. You’ll also get amazing deals that can never be offered again by anyone once the webinar is over. Best of all, it’s free to attend, just use the link to register.

Some of them will be discounted as high as 92% off the regular price.

PLUS, they will also be GIVING AWAY an ipad mini, $1500, $1000, $500, a Kindle, and an ipod touch.
Be sure to register right away at: www.scvinternetmarketers.com/auction
See you all Tuesday!

Drawing for Ipad Mini Tonight AND MORE!

The 2013 SCV Internet Marketers Youtube Challenge is over and we’ll be drawing for an Ipad Mini to one lucky challenger!

Also, we have a few other prizes being given out for the drawing. TWO of them have been generously donated by Wil Mattos, our original meetup group  founder. He has donated TWO WP Mobile Pro licenses to 2 lucky winners. The software is super valuable for anyone doing anything on the internet and can be a very profitable tool if you choose to market it.

You can check out WP Mobile Pro here by clicking the banner below:

REMINDER: The meetup group is only meeting ONCE A MONTH now. We will be meeting on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Sign up at http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Clarita-Internet-Marketers/ to get notices and updates.

Looking for Testimonials and Feedback

At our last meeting on 8/22, I mentioned that I am looking to acquire testimonials and feedback from anyone willing. I setup a page called:

“TESTIMONIALS & FEEDBACK” (Click here to go to the page)

You can add your comments, feedback and testimonials. Anything from one sentence to a full length testimonial will be helpful. If you need a little guidance, you can answer the questions on the page.

Thank you all for being so supportive. I learn something new EVERY single time we have the meeting. Even “newbies” asking questions are extremely valuable to the progress and growth of the group because it lets us know what topics we should cover for future meetings.

(I’ll be adding the notes from Jack’s presentation sometime by Sunday evening. When it goes up, it will be positioned below this post.)