Feb. 5th meetup notes – Congratulations Tillman – YouTube Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to all 2013 Youtube Challengers.

The Ipad Mini Grand Prize went to Tillman’s channel. Congratulations on the new grand baby Tillman and for winning the grand prize drawing. Congrats also to Gordon and Amber, who also won WP Mobile PRO memberships worth $399 each!

Just a reminder, we are now meeting only 1 time a month on the first Tuesday of every month.

Here are some of the notes from tonight’s meeting. It’s a little late so I will be coming back to update this post more tomorrow.

Sparkol – video maker, quick way to make fancy hand drawing videos www.sparkol.com

Smartsound for music – Smartsound.com for royalty free music
Musicbakery for music – musicbakery.com another site mentioned for royalty free music
Jewelbeat.com for music – jewelbeat.com – 99cent music downloads
Freestockmusic.com – Freestockmusic.com for music downloads

Usa.org – FREE federal government articles for material that can be used to create content for your websites

Email marketing software talked about
Mailchimp.com – http://mailchimp.com/
Verticle response – http://www.verticalresponse.com/
Aweber – http://www.aweber.com/
1shoppingcart – http://www.1shoppingcart.com/
Infusionsoft – http://www.infusionsoft.com/
Icontact – http://www.icontact.com/

Matt Carter – SEO expert recommended by others to lookup and follow

Becker, another SEO guy I mentioned that is sharing SEO techniques that are really against the norm. This is a “must check out” video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aTJp4bfv_UM

Earn1kaday site – I’ve mentioned it before, this site (in my opinion) is one of the best places for any internet marketer to join. If you are planning to be an internet marketer for a long time, I HIGHLY recommend the lifetime membership package. CLICK HERE for the lifetime membership site.

The following were mentioned during the meeting, but I need to do more research to add notes about them.

Jvnotifypro –
Kindle marketing from rapid crush
Lulu.com –

Drawing for Ipad Mini Tonight AND MORE!

The 2013 SCV Internet Marketers Youtube Challenge is over and we’ll be drawing for an Ipad Mini to one lucky challenger!

Also, we have a few other prizes being given out for the drawing. TWO of them have been generously donated by Wil Mattos, our original meetup group  founder. He has donated TWO WP Mobile Pro licenses to 2 lucky winners. The software is super valuable for anyone doing anything on the internet and can be a very profitable tool if you choose to market it.

You can check out WP Mobile Pro here by clicking the banner below:

REMINDER: The meetup group is only meeting ONCE A MONTH now. We will be meeting on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Sign up at http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Clarita-Internet-Marketers/ to get notices and updates.

Final 2013 YouTube Challenge Results – Congratulations!

It’s the LAST DAY!! Whoooohoooo!!

Congrats everyone! Tomorrow’s post will have the final results so be sure to make your last day submission by 11:59pm tonight.

Here are the submissions from yesterday, 1/30.
Roni – http://youtu.be/I1Ih1B_JCvo
John – http://youtu.be/wZsOGm0l_go
Charles – http://youtu.be/GMx6ZzQSxrg
Amber – http://youtu.be/QnSTM4gNhSI
Tracey – http://youtu.be/HRnfRdF4aVU
Tillman – http://youtu.be/tq-eGLVdXS8
Karen – http://youtu.be/xQiozXcSs5A
Bruno – http://youtu.be/gdCAZP7csKE
Tipsbychris – http://youtu.be/uMPIbPU_peA

Level 2
Loreen – http://youtu.be/hcqHhkY-u5o
Gordon – http://youtu.be/bMGe9yr2rG8
scvinternetmarketers – http://youtu.be/r6vi0j-jQYA

Only One More Day To Go!

Tomorrow is the final day!

Here are the submissions from yesterday, January 29th:
Roni – http://youtu.be/SsePIvCjntE
Tracey – http://youtu.be/Evmy9geUkZ0
John – http://youtu.be/FeJDpazGPRc
Bruno – http://youtu.be/mUX9KEQBJUQ
Tillman – http://youtu.be/HIb4u8sRL-I
Charles – http://youtu.be/nOBnpKR17pk
Amber – http://youtu.be/YCqh4JRbzDo
Karen – http://youtu.be/eH7sGe-ZaEA
Tipsbychris – http://youtu.be/0IgjId5AI2U

Level 2
Loreen – http://youtu.be/oIhUzaD_JKA
Gordon – http://youtu.be/Rmfz2-Mxk-I
scvinternetmarketers – http://youtu.be/6nFt8VYx97Y

January 29th, Almost done! 2 More Days!

Can you believe it’s almost over?!?

Here are the posts from 1/28
Level 1
Roni – http://youtu.be/ueXDI9_bZkc
John – http://youtu.be/EE5FBkP1RuU
Tracey – http://youtu.be/9I3ElOU-Bqg
Tillman – http://youtu.be/TCo4_bGxGaE
Bruno – http://youtu.be/4xohiLftRwc
Charles – http://youtu.be/oBfEzhxpxY0
Amber – http://youtu.be/TsqXrn4_eZ8
Karen – http://youtu.be/NuqsU86M-48
tipsbychris – http://youtu.be/DBAgYL-aCE0

Level 2
Loreen – http://youtu.be/XIpWts9bdNM
Gordon – http://youtu.be/cdhXUeXUkPI
scvinternetmarketers – http://youtu.be/9f9Vm7N4218

January 28th – Only 3 days left

January 27th – Only 4 Days Left!

The 5 Day Countdown Begins – January 26th

January 25th means only 6 days to go!