2014 “How To” Video Contest Challenge BEGINS MAY 10TH!

2014 “How To” Video Contest

IT’S FREE TO JOIN! But you MUST register! (read below for registration instructions)

There are 2 parts to this contest!

  • Part 1 – Drawing for a 16gb Ipad Mini ($299 value), and there will also be THREE $50 gift cards given away that night!
  • Part 2 – $150 Cash Prize

To enter the contest, please email CHALLENGE@SCVINTERNETMARKETERS.COM and use the subject line: (your name) is in the Challenge. THEN, fill in the form here:

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1 GRAND PRIZE – Successful challengers who complete the challenge will get entered in a drawing for a chance to win a brand new 16gb Ipad Mini ($299 value).

3 SECOND PLACE PRIZES – there will be three $50 AMAZON gift cards to give out to 3 more lucky winners. (Special thanks to Benchmark for being a sponsor of this challenge and donating these gift cards.)

  • The first part of the contest is all about being consistent and posting ONE “How To” video per day. The prize for this contest is a brand new 16gb ipad-mini.
  • Contest officially begins Saturday May 10th, 2014 at 12:01AM PST
  • First Video MUST be posted ON May 10th, BY 11:59PM.
  • At least 1 Video must be posted DAILY on Youtube throughout THE 30 DAYS OF THE CONTEST. This means one video must be published DAILY between 12:01am to 11:59pm. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • If you miss a day of posting, you WILL NOT BE qualified for the drawing
  • •This is a “How To” video contest. Each video must demonstrate or teach “how to do something”.
  • Video can be as long or as short as you wish, as long as the viewer has been shown how to do. I recommend making them around 3 minutes.
  • It can be a screencast (recording of your screen) or a live video or any other video format that explains how to do something.
  • ONE VIDEO must be posted to YouTube EVERYDAY BEFORE 11:59pm
  • A YouTube share link to the video must be emailed to challenge@scvinternetmarketers.com. If the video link is sent late (after 11:59pm), you are disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS. The email send time is your time stamp.
  • Teams of up to 2 people are allowed. Each team member MUST actively participate in making EVERY video. This can be editing, filming, or being the star of the video. If you do not understand this rule, please ask or you will be disqualified if you break the rules.
    • Please note that there is only 1 ipad prize. If a team wins the drawing, the team will be sharing the winning ipad.

    PART 2 – BEST RESULTS ($150 cash prize)

  • This part of the contest will be judged based on how much many views are generated from the videos that were posted during Part 1 of the contest. I am still trying to figure out all the potential problems with this part so the rest of the rules will be posted when I know if it is possible to have a clear cut winner with this.

Tutorial Videos for the “How To” Challenge

  1. How To Participate In The “How To” Challenge
  2. How to find ideas for videos
  3. How to use your Apple Mobile Device to make videos
  4. How to download and install Camtasia to make videos by recording you computer screen
  5. How to use Camtasia after you’ve downloaded the program
  6. How To create a Gmail account
  7. How to upload a video to YouTube
  8. How to email your link to qualify each day’s submission