Our Next Meetup is September 2nd!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day weekend!

The day after Labor Day is our Tuesday night monthly meetup meeting at Barnes and Nobles. As usual, we’ll start at 7pm and see what questions we can answer from the group members.

I am not 100% sure on what our main subject matter will be for the night, but I am leaning toward covering some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) fundamentals. I’ll take a vote before we being as to what more people would like to have me cover.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day!

See you at

Local Book Store
23630 Valencia Blvd
Valencia, CA
Phone: 661-254-6604

Next Meetup is August 5th! How To Get Started With Facebook Advertising

I just returned Monday from an amazing 4-day Las Vegas Event and will be sharing some of the cool things we learned that could help anyone who does business online. It was really great to spend time with others from SCV for a few days and have meals together. If you ever get a chance to attend an internet marketing “live” event, I highly recommend it.

Ever wanted to know about Facebook Advertising?

Most of you know I really don’t like using social media. I think it’s an amazing tool to keep in touch with friends, but (in my opinion), I find it to be an incredible time suck. Regardless of my personal feelings, I know it is a powerful tool for internet marketing and a necessity for today’s internet businesses marketing. Especially when it comes to doing online advertising. Over the years, I’ve heard time and time again that Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms on the web today and anyone doing business should be looking into it.

Why is Facebook advertising so powerful?

One thing that is constantly mentioned at Internet Marketing conferences is that Facebook advertising can really boost your business because you can show ads to very specific types of people. Since Facebook gathers all kinds of data about what you like, that data can be used to allow marketers to target you for ads that are in your interests. Unlike TV commercial advertising, the audience is selected specifically on what the advertiser thinks his audiences interests are.


If you’re like me, then you probably just had a small anxiety attack thinking that you’re going to have to learn a whole new program and spend weeks figuring it out. I had the same thoughts over and over each time I saw it (Facebook Advertising) mentioned somewhere and dreaded knowing that someday I’d have to ‘bite the bullet’ and learn it.

Thankfully, one of my closest friends is a FACEBOOK master. (Seriously, he is one of the best Facebook marketers on the planet). He will be coming to our next meetup at Barnes and Nobles on AUGUST 5TH to show us how to setup a Facebook ad LIVE on one of my physical products that I sell on Amazon.com.

What he shows us can be used for ANYTHING that anyone wants to promote on Facebook.

Thank goodness I am so lazy! ;-)

Some smart guy once said, “If you want to find the most efficient way to do something, assign the task to the laziest person you can find and he will most likely figure out a way to do it with the least effort.” (I think he was pointing at me when he said this)

Being the laziest internet marketer I know, I don’t want to spend the time learning all the ‘ins-and outs’ on Facebook marketing so I decided to ask Anthony Franck (my Facebook expert friend) if he would make a Facebook Ad for me while I watched.

Being the nice guy he is, he said “Sure” without hesitation. I then thought, “Others in the meetup group would be interested in seeing it done while he did it for me” and asked him to do the ad creation at the meetup so all of you (lazy and non-lazy marketers) can learn along with me. Anthony agreed!

All that being said, Anthony “The Facebook Master” Franck will be at our meetup to make my Facebook ad for me for my and explain how and why he does what he does. We get a chance to listen to his thought process as he creates the ad right in front of us.


All of you who are currently selling or planning to sell products on Amazon.com should plan to attend this meeting. Sooner or later you will need to do some Facebook marketing and this could be the fastest way to get top knowledge about how to do it. Anthony Franck is the real deal and we get to see him in action putting up my ads.

Call the babysitter now to book them for August 5th @ 7pm so you can make it!

Our other guest speaker…

Those of you who were at our last meetup got to hear Mandi speak about what she does for medium business find an extra 20 hours a month and $20,000 dollars. She was scheduled to speak at this meetup but ended up with a scheduling conflict and won’t be able to make it to the group for a couple of months. I’ll keep you updated as I find out more.

Beta Tester Announcement

For anyone who took part in acquiring and testing Steven Watanabe’s Ammozon software, please send reviews and testimonials as soon as possible to info@dangercoders.com.  He is getting ready to do the final launch soon and could use all the feedback possible. If you were not able to get your hands on a copy of the beta program, please reach out to him at info@dangercoders.com before he finalizes the program for launch.

Community Service Announcement – Tech Industry Pros Wanted
The Newhall Library is looking for panelist in the tech industry that could help out our SCV Youth..

The Newhall Library’s Digital Services Librarian, Julie Oshiro (the “How to” YouTube contest Ipad mini winner), reached out to me to see if there was anyone in our group who might be interested in being a part of a panel discussion that could help the youth in SCV gain a better understanding about the tech industry. Here is what she wrote:
We are looking for individuals to participate and share their experiences in technology focused careers. I was wondering if you could please pass thing along to people who may be interested? Or mention it at your next meet up?

Unfortunately I didn’t realize she needed responses by 8/1 (which is before our next meetup). If you are interested in helping out, click here to get all the details on submitting your interest to participate asap. I submitted my information yesterday. If I am selected, I’ll be there as part of the panel.

On last thing….(really, I am coming to a close)

I just want to spend the last few words here to thank every single one of you who are so supportive of me and this meetup group. I’ve reaped HUGE rewards from doing this monthly meetup through getting to know some of the nicest people ever and the shared knowledge that has continued to grow my business.

Many of you have become people I call “friends” and I continue to make more and more as the group grows. I am so grateful for all the years we’ve been doing this together and I am especially appreciative to Wilson Mattos who founded the group. Thank you all so much!

We are Meeting this Tuesday (June 3rd) + special seminar announcement!

Hello Everyone!
We are having our monthly Santa Clarita Internet Marketers meetup this Tuesday (June 3rd) at 7pm in Barnes & Nobles in Valencia. I have a super fun meetup scheduled and have the pleasure of finding out which of our 2014 “How To” Challengers will win an iPad Mini!

I also have a special announcement about the Earn1kaDay Seminar coming at the end of June. The 3-day seminar (June 27-29) is absolutely mind blowing!

This is the seminar that changed Wilson Mattos’ life (the original founder of our meetup) and lead him to build a multimillion dollar a year business! I honestly feel it’s one of the best seminars you can ever attend if you are interested in building an internet business.
You can find out more about the seminar and who’s speaking by going here:


RATES WILL INCREASE BY $50 ON MONDAY! The last day to get the special rate of $247 will end Sunday June 1st. If you don’t make the early bird deadline, it’s still a super bargain after Sunday.

Here’s my short video announcement about this week’s meetup and the earn1kaday seminar.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you all there!


Day 20 and 21 Results are in. Eight Challengers will get a chance to win some awesome prizes and 15 total people will get something JUST for participating.

There was a pretty late submission last night and I was unable to get the post up today till I got home from work. So here are yesterday’s submission right below and all of today’s final submissions right after.

Here are the submissions in the order they were received for Thursday, 5/29:

  1. Tanya – How to Find Launch Schedules for Possible JV Partnerships
  2. Charles – How to Pick Among Ways to Estimate an Architectural Project
  3. Chris – How To Restart Your Computer In Windows 8
  4. Doug – How To Make a Straw Move by Using Your Mind Powers!
  5. John – How to have a good relationship 20
  6. Julie – The Happy Lunch Box – Using Left Overs
  7. Gordon – How to find legal music for your podcast
  8. Peter – How to Be Ready for the FE/EIT Exam with 7 Tips

** Roni – How to Use Excel – Basics 9

Here are the final submissions in the order they were received today!

  1. Peter – How to Say Superfluous in Different Ways
  2. Gordon – How to record a skype call with Call Recorder
  3. Tanya – How To Find and Download a Free Alternative to Edit Your PSD Files
  4. Charles – How to Give Yourself More Space Using Architectural Concepts
  5. John – How to have a good relationship 21
  6. Julie – The Happy Lunch Box – Fun Farm Friends
  7. Chris – How To Get To The Control Panel In Windows 8
  8. Doug – How To Make A Fun Magician’s Top Hat From A Paper Plate!

**Roni – How to Use Excel – Basics 10

All challengers who participated in this program, make sure you come out to Tuesday’s meetup on June 2nd! You get a special gift too!

See you on Tuesday!


Only 8 Now! Submissions from May 28th – Day 19 Challenge

Painful mistake drops another Challenger with 2 days to go!

Most of you don’t know this, but my wife entered the challenge and was eliminated in the first 60 seconds into the first day… Her video and her name were never posted. (I’ll talk more about that at the meetup meeting on Tuesday.)  8-O

With only 2 days to go, I had to eliminate my sister (who won the 1st Challenge we had in 2012) because of a technical oversight/error on her part which made her postings not publish the dates properly. She asked me if I would continue to post her links (even though they don’t count for a winning drawing) so she could continue to get a link and a couple of views for her videos. I would do this for anyone who asked for this little favor and continued to take action. After all, that’s the whole reason we have this challenge.

So you’ll see Roni’s posting in the listing below, but she does not officially count for the grand prize drawing.

She also asked (jokingly) that I mention in my blog post updates that “Roni has the meanest brother in the world who eliminates both her wife and sister from his challenges.” Hahaha….Rules are Rules…

Here are the submissions in the order they were received:

  1. Peter – How to Draw Me a Teemo
  2. Tanya – How to Utilize an Article Spinner
  3. Charles – How to Address Your Architectural Mistakes with A Client 
  4. Chris – How To Shut Down Your Computer In Windows 8
  5. John – How to have a great relationship 19
  6. Doug – How To Do the Houdini Escaping Bead Trick
  7. Julie – The Happy Lunch Box – Humpty Dumpty
  8. Gordon – How to get an intro for your podcast

** – Roni – How to Use Excel – Basics 8

Don’t forget that everyone still needs to submit on Friday to complete the challenge!

Submissions from May 27th – Day 18 Challenge

I can FEEL the excitement! Only 3 more days!

Thank you for getting the submissions in early! Today’s videos are ready to showcase.

Here are the submissions for 5/27 in the order they were received:

  1. Tanya – How To Use Online Classified Ads
  2. Charles – How to Estimate the Cost of Architectural Services Using the Flat Fee Method
  3. Chris – How to close an Application (program) in Windows 8
  4. Doug – How To Do Snaparoo!
  5. John – How To Have A Great Relationship18
  6. Roni – How to Use Excel – Basics 7
  7. Gordon – How To Convert wav to MP3 using iTunes
  8. Julie – The Happy Lunch Box – Adding Texture
  9. Peter – How to Play “Spoons”


May 26th (Memorial Day) Submissions – Day 17 Challenge

Friday closes the Challenge! Only 4 more videos to go!

Thanks to the Holiday, everyone seems to have been ahead of the game and planned their day well by getting all the videos in by 8:30pm! This means you will probably not get an email from me on Monday since this is the daily update.

Hope you all had a restful Memorial Day. Just to be clear, Friday is the last day you have to submit a video to complete the Challenge.

Here are the submissions in the order they were received:

  1. Roni – How to Use Excel – Basics 6
  2. Charles – How to Estimate Architectural Services Costs Using the Square Foot Method
  3. Doug – How To Perform Mr Bagee!
  4. John – How To Have A Great Relationship17
  5. Gordon – How to convert wav to mp3 using adapter
  6. Julie – The Happy Lunch Box – How to make a tuna sandwich
  7. Chris – How to do a decent screen capture on Windows 7 and Windows 8 — For FREE!
  8. Peter – How to Draw Me a Kirby
  9. Tanya – How to Obtain Free Images online

Submissions from May 25th – Day 16 Challenge

Whoohoo! Only 5 days left!

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Thank you to all who have sacrificed themselves to serve our GREAT country. I know our freedom wasn’t/isn’t free.

Here are the submissions in the order they were received:

  1. Peter – How to Solder for Beginners
  2. Charles – How to Estimate Architectural Services Based on Construction Cost per Square Foot Method 
  3. John – How To Have A Great Relationship16
  4. Doug – How To Make a Rabbit Appear in a Hat
  5. Julie – The Happy Lunch Box – Baby Chick Bento
  6. Chris – How To Single Space And Double Space Lines By Using Shortcuts In Word
  7. Tanya – How to sign up for Onlywire
  8. Gordon – How to use Auphonic to assemble your podcast
  9. Roni – How to Use Excel – Basics 5

Submissions from May 24th – Day 15 Challenge

Only 6 Days and Counting!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! It’s a holiday tomorrow and it could be the day I finish off the rest of my contest videos so I can simply upload and email them each day without worrying about doing any more production.

I am hoping to continue the daily routine of working at my computer an extra few hours per night. This challenge is much like the others where extra hours I didn’t realize I had have been set aside daily to not only do my entry, but also to compile the submissions and make an update email for everyone to keep informed on how the project is moving along.

I am curious to know, has anyone decided to do something bigger after the challenge is over?

Here are the submissions in the order they were received:

  1. Gordon – How to use auphonic.com to enhance audio quality
  2. Peter – How to Solve a First Order Homogeneous Differential Equation
  3. Julie – The Happy Lunch Box – Brown Rice Bento
  4. John – How To Have A Great Relationship15
  5. Charles – How to Stick to Achieving a Goal
  6. Doug – How To Do The Tipsy Canoe
  7. Roni – How to Use Excel – Basics 4
  8. Chris – How To Make Text All Caps In Word – Shortcut
  9. Tanya – How to Download Camstudio

See you tomorrow!

Submissions from May 23rd – Day 14 Challenge

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Challengers!

Only 1 week to go…as John said in his email, “Getting down to the wire!”

The light at the end of the tunnel is very visible. Try to make sure that you don’t forget to submit by getting them done early in the day so you can relax. Perhaps take advantage of the Holiday and finish all the videos off.

Congratulations to Julie! She has over 1200 channel views and 38 followers and mentioned that she got a retweet on twitter from a group with over 4000 followers!

Here are the submissions in the order they were received:

  1. Charles – How to Bench Press One Million Pounds
  2. Chris – How To Change Text-Font Color In A Word Document 
  3. John – How To Have A Great Relationship14
  4. Tanya – How to find out whether everyones site is down…or just yours
  5. Julie – The Happy Lunch Box – Apple Bento
  6. Doug – How To Open the Magic Treasure Box
  7. Roni – How to Use Excel – Basics 3
  8. Gordon – How to use Levelator to improve poor quality recordings
  9. Peter – How to Move and Capture in Chinese Chess

Have a safe weekend!